Ahmed Mohamed Sabry

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Ahmed Mohamed Sabry
Cairo, Egypt

Born 1966

I am 44 years old married and love my wife who supports my eccentricity
I graduated as an architect in Egypt 1989
Did my master degree in Islamic art and architecture 1996
Run my own Architectural office

My art was always a way to get out of the daily routine I enjoy it and for me it is a trip treatment *smiles*
I am all for surrealism as It goes deep into the human conscience. I don’t enjoy superficial art and superficial people.
What I do is creating mirrors to look inside yourself. No two who share the experience of looking at my creations will have the same feeling or understanding of it and I will go further to say it is a way to look inside yourself and your veiled facets
My creations simply says: look at me and I will see inside you
So don’t you ever ask me: what I felt doing them? The question will always be what YOU felt looking at them?
My purpose is not to make you enjoy my work but to get you to think and touch hidden areas inside you, However, I will not hold it against you if your enjoy it *wicked laugh*

Out of the way note:
I have been visiting Germany since 1985 not as regularly as I want to and always loved German people
I am politically active since the first demonstration I joined on the 25th, January, 2011.

Ahmed Sabry